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"I recently purchased a ShowerTan & absolutely LOVE IT. Thanks for a WONDERFUL PRODUCT"
Lorie, Greensboro, NC


"Saw product on web, have been looking for something like it for ages, was thinking of saving for a used booth but thought I'd give ShowerTan a go! ... I look much healthier this morning so feel better too, well done to you for coming up with ShowerTan. I am very, very impressed with machine, don't think the booths will be seeing me again! Many thanks" – Helen, Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom


"ITS OFFICIAL – I love the ShowerTan... Used it again and not one streak!!! ...ahhhhhhhhhhhh LOVE IT ... I can say YES I do recomend the ShowerTan." – Aracele, Sterling, MI


"I tried the ShowerTan and LOVE it! ... I have two friends that are considering purchasing it. ... I am 39 and have had two forms of skin cancer, one being melanoma last year. Needless to say I am forbidden from the sun. The last two summers I didn't wear shorts because the whole self tanning thing, (which I have tried EVERY brand) is such a pain. I have treated myself to a couple Mystic Tan sessions, which I loved but they are so expensive. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you, this may sound silly to most people but your machine will bring me years of happiness." – Anne, Windsor, CA

"I have recommended ShowerTan to my sister. Thanks for a great product!" – Robin, Winterville, NC


"I really do love this product! It is very convenient to use at home and it does a great job.Thanks again"
– Bernadette, Peoria, AZ


ShowerTan is wonderful and easy to use. THX” – Trish, Clermont, FL

"Just letting you know the tanning shower is working great, I almost spent [thousands] on a magic tanning booth before I found this ... and after using both myself and with feedback from customers who have used both there is absolutely no difference in the finish product, the booth provides the same tanning effect as the shower tan ... I have to admit I was worried thinking the shower tan could not possibly do as good of an application but how wrong was I. Even if I purchased a new shower tan every month I would still be saving thousands a year" – Melissa (salon owner), Queensland, Australia

"Excellent deal - great home tanning system" – Michael, Cape Canaveral, FL

"I love this machine!!!" – Lisa, Essex, United Kingdom

“thank you love the shower tan!!!!!” – Michelle, Zebulon, NC

“Just wanted to let you know that I think you’ve put out a great product . . . As an entrepreneur, I appreciate the way this product fills a major void in it’s industry. I’ve been tanning myself with an airbrush for a while now and have always needed someone else to do my back. The whole process would take at least 40 minutes. Now I ShowerTan . . . Much less time consuming, and a perfect back with no-one’s help – it’s a dream come true! I WILL spread the word to my friends, and I just ordered the bulk refill package. Thanks again!” – Meighen, Tilbury, Ontario, Canada

“ReceivedShowerTan --- It’s great!!!” – Shawn, Umpire, AR

"It was pretty intimidating at first because I had never used anything like it before. But now, I just love it! I love love love it. ... it only takes a few minutes and I am sprayed head to toe with a great looking back. :) It is easy to clean up, easy application and I am tan! woohoo! It was a bit of an investment up front, but now that I am over paying for it, I am really enjoying it" – Jen, Wyoming, MI

"fantastic, love it" – Wendy, New South Whales, Australia

“ShowerTan sprays you completely from head to toe, including your entire back, and is much quicker than applying a lotion or airbrush tan. It takes just 5 minutes and I’m all sprayed and cleaned up. My tan overall looks good and even with nice color and is similar to what I have received from an airbrush spray or booth session. I have a salon spray booth in town but I would much rather use this. – Vicky Mayhew, product tester for


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